Audio and video to text transcription

Convert audio and video to text with AI technology


Save time and effort wasted on transcribing manually

TheTranscriber is an automatic AI system for transcribing audio and video files to text

  • Upload file
  • Add details
  • Choose duration
  • Review your transcript

What Can You Do With TheTranscriber?

Convert your audio & video files to text


Upload audio or video file. We accept multiple file types.


Edit the results of the transcriptions with speakers separation by timestamps.


Save & download your transcript as DOCX Word file or SRT file

Audio Recording Quality

Recording quality affects transcribing results

Poor Recording Quality
  • Heavy background noise
  • Overlap talking
  • Strong accents
  • Bad quality microphone
  • Microphone is far away from speaker
Good Recording Quality
  • No background noise
  • No overlap talking
  • Minimal accents
  • Good quality microphone
  • Microphone is close to speaker(s)

Who is it for?


Generate fast text content from your interviews and meetings

Podcast Owners

Make your podcast accessible and outreach your content to more audiences

Researchers & Students

Transcribe research recorded interviews to text

Online meetings & conferences

Automatically Transcribe online meetings and conferences with multiple participants


For transcribing your important meetings


As a tool that supports your daily work