Условия использования

Welcome to TheTranscriber application (hereinafter the "Application"), which is operated on the Web-Appli (hereinafter: the "Operator"). Access to and use of the application is subject to the detailed regulations (hereinafter "the regulations"), which constitute a binding contract between you and the operator, so you are asked to read the regulations carefully. The registration for the use of the application or the actual use of it indicates your consent to the regulations. The regulations are worded in male language for convenience only, and it also applies to female language. Also, every appeal to an individual also means an appeal to many, and vice versa. The Operator reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time and in any matter, at its sole discretion. Any person may use the application, provided that he meets the following conditions: 1. He is legally competent (if you are a minor or you are not entitled to perform legal actions without the custody of a guardian, your use of the application will be seen as done after receiving such approval); 2. Registered as a user of the application; 3. You have confirmed that you have read the regulations.
Use of the app
The use of the application is conditional on prior registration by you, and filling in personal details, including name, telephone, e-mail, etc. Please ensure that this data is filled in accurately, which is stored in the operator's database. The application is based on artificial intelligence technology, and enables text transcription automatically, by uploading audio files. The transcription technology depends directly on the quality of the recording entered into the application, and there may be deviations as the quality of the recording is poor. For example - background noise, indistinct and / or fragmented speech, two (or more) people speaking at the same time, all of these and more, may affect the quality of the transcript. The system supports the following file formats: mp3, mp4, m4a, wav, wma, wmv, flac, webm, mpg, mp2, mpeg, mov, avi, flv. Files other than those listed in this section are not supported by the system and cannot be transcribed for them. The application enables transcription in a wide variety of languages, and the quality of the transcript depends, among other things, on the choice of the correct language in which the audio file is involved. It should be emphasized that the application does not translate what is said in the file, but only a transcript according to the language chosen by you. Therefore, in order to enable high transcript quality, it is important to choose the right language from the options offered in the app. Receipt of the transcript files depends on the length of the audio file uploaded to the application - except in the case of technical problems, the date when you will receive the transcript will be equal to the length of the file. As stated, there may be deviations in deadlines, as long as technical problems are discovered that require a point solution. After receiving the transcript results, you can view the results on the site, and download as a file in one of the following formats: docx, pdf, SRT. From the moment you download the transcript, the operator is no longer responsible for its contents. You can delete a file from the app. After deleting the file, it will not be possible to recover it using the app. You can also delete the user information you entered. The quality of the transcript results is unpredictable and depends on a number of technical factors such as recording quality (noises, proximity to the microphone), clear speech of the speakers, etc., therefore the operator does not undertake accurate transcription in one hundred percent of the file The transcript
Payment and purchase
The app allows convenient, easy and safe shopping. The price of the transcript is determined by the length of the audio file, and is measured in minutes. The price listed in the app is the latest price. The operator of the application may from time to time update the product prices that appear in the application, regardless of the date of purchase on the site, and without the need to give prior notice. The purchase on the website is via a valid credit card which can be cleared by one of the credit card companies which the company (TheTranscriber) has decided to use, or by any other means of payment that appears on the payment page. The app operator may at any time change the range of products offered for purchase, replace them, reduce them, add to them, update prices and deny the right to purchase on the site at its discretion and without any prior notice or notice.
Refund and Cancellation Policy
The conditions for canceling an order will be subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981. No refunds will be given and no cancellations will be allowed. Therefore, before using the app, it is recommended to be impressed by the results of the app by transcribing a few short minutes from the audio file.
Privacy Policy
The operator takes reasonable precautions to maintain, as far as possible, the confidentiality of the information. In cases beyond the control of the operator and / or resulting from force majeure, the operator will not be liable for any damage of any kind, direct or indirect, caused to the customer, if this information is lost and / or used unauthorized. The operator may use an external API. The operator may use cookie technology or any similar technology to store local information, for the needs of a faster and more cost-effective user experience. The communication is done in the HTTPS protocol to secure the data transfer The operator may use the information entered by you for the purpose of collecting statistics on the use of the site. By agreeing to these Terms, there is no consent for the Operator or anyone acting on its behalf to use this personal information in order to provide you with promotional information about the Products and additional information via email, SMS messages or any other means, services and resources related to the Operator's products. In addition, this personal information may be used for market research purposes.
Intellectual Property
All intellectual property rights in this application are the sole property of the operator. No information from the site and / or the application may be copied, reproduced, distributed, published or used in any other way, unless prior written consent has been given by the operator. The operator hereby grants you a limited use license, which is not exclusive and cannot be transferred or checked, to make personal use of the application, solely for the needs described in the application and the regulations, all subject to the other provisions of the regulations. Beyond the foregoing, the Operator does not grant, grant or waive any right or license, express or implied, in connection with the App, the Content and the intellectual property rights.
Law and Jurisdiction
The interpretation and enforcement of these By-Laws and / or any action or dispute arising therefrom shall be made in accordance with the law of the country the company (TheTranscriber) is registered only and the competent court shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
The operator may make changes to the application, services and products offered in it and even stop its activity. Such changes may cause inconvenience when using the application, and you hereby waive any claim in this regard in advance. Use of the application is at your sole and complete responsibility, and the operator will not bear any responsibility for this use. The transcript generated through the application will not constitute evidence in a legal proceeding of any kind. The operator may transfer his rights in the application to a third party, without the user's consent. Do not create links to the App from any website that contains illegal content or encourages illegal activity, including content that encourages racism, discrimination, violence or other pornographic or offensive content. The operator may block your access to the application, at its sole discretion, insofar as you have committed an illegal act / provided incorrect information while registering / have in any way impaired the proper operation of the application.